Diversity Self-Assessment and Reporting Program

The federal banking regulators (CFPB, FDIC, Federal Reserve Board, NCUA, OCC, and SEC) issued a Policy Statement on June 9, 2015 establishing standards for assessing diversity policies and practices within financial institutions. This directive was required by a provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

To address this new burden, we have developed a Program to provide financial institutions the material and telephone guidance necessary to complete annual Self-Assessment Reports.

I. Organizational Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  • strategic plan language for recruiting, hiring, retention, and promotion
  • diversity and inclusion policy
  • progress reports to the board and senior management
  • training on equal employment opportunity

II. Workforce Profile and Employment Practices

  • practices that create diverse pools for both internal and external candidates
  • policies to effectuate outreach to minorities and women
  • quantitative and qualitative measurements to assess its workforce diversity and inclusion efforts
  • measures to assess attraction of qualified minority applicants
  • management performance plan terms

III. Procurement and Business Practices—Supplier Diversity

  • supplier diversity policy
  • methods to evaluate its supplier diversity
  • methods to promote a diverse supplier pool
  • means to quantify results

IV. Entities’ Self-Assessment Report

  • self-assessment annual report
  • progress reports
  • federal agency reporting

The Program includes telephone conferences to facilitate implementation. We will conduct a telephone briefing with the Bank to review in detail the diversity components and compliance logic. Some of these practices are brand new to the industry, and therefore we believe a telephone briefing format is the most effective approach.


Non-Member Fee Member Fee
$2,100 $1,450

Banks may obtain additional information by calling 1-866-801-6302, emailing bankers@employlawcompliance.com, or faxing us at 770-206-3381.